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If you are familiar with ECOGOLD, you know that we are leaders in innovative saddle pads, proud to create the highest quality products and offer unparalleled customer service. If you are new to ECOGOLD, here’s what makes us unique:

Ecogold factory saddle pads equestrian textile products - About UsTechnical Expertise.

Company founder and chief product designer John Da Silva is the real deal. A textile engineer trained in Europe, he has been living, dreaming and working in high-tech fabrics since the early 1960s. He can tell you how Gore-Tex was invented or what seat belts are made of. On his day off, he goes to the ECOGOLD lab to test new materials. He is even known for hitting them with an axe or a hammer to check their resistance to impact. No, we’re not kidding…


When we started out, equestrian products looked like they were stuck in the 1800s, so we embarked on a mission to modernize the industry and improve your horses’ safety, comfort and performance. ECOGOLD has continued to revolutionize the saddle pad with innovations such as the Frictionless system, Secure, Calmatech and CoolFit Intelligent Pad system.

When we launched our first Frictionless saddle pad, it was so different from the norm that many people told us no one would buy it. Equestrians proved them wrong!

Yes, innovation is scary and expensive — and it is hard work, but here at ECOGOLD, it’s what we love to do. We’ll keep pushing boundaries to make equestrian products better

Ethical Manufacturing.

At ECOGOLD, we don’t cut corners. We buy the best materials and make every single ECOGOLD product in our own factory in Montreal, Canada to ensure its quality.

Commitment to the sport.

For years, ECOGOLD has been supporting not only top riders but also upcoming riders, local shows, amateur associations, silent auctions, young rider teams, equestrian media start-ups… you name it. From the grassroots to the Olympics to riders who need a helping hand, we’ve been there.

Customer Service.

At ECOGOLD, we believe in “good old-fashioned” customer service. 

Try It Risk Free.

We design every one of our products with you and the comfort of your horse in mind. But don’t just take our word for it. Try an ECOGOLD product today and experience the greatness that equestrians like you have already discovered. We stand behind our products with a 30-day happiness guarantee, which means you can try them risk free.


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Awww. ECOGOLD pads are so comfortable, babies fall asleep on them.

We didn’t get where we are by being mediocre. ECOGOLD sets the standard. Our saddle pads, half pads and horse boots are 100% breathable, hypo-allergenic and non-slip. They quickly evaporate moisture, and are specifically designed for wither clearance, to eliminate friction and reduce pressure points. YES, they do ALL of that.

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