Washing Instructions

ECOGOLD Saddle Pads Washing Instructions

ECOGOLD Saddle Pads Washing Instructions

Wash the saddle pads regularly.

Wash the saddle pads by themselves, 2 or 3 at a time depending on the capacity of the washing machine. Do not overload the machine.

Use warm water and choose delicate / casual cycle – fast spinning will make the pad wear out faster.

Use a good chlorine-free detergent plus a good chlorine free bleach (Oxiclean works very well). For hard to remove stains, you may have to apply a stain remover before washing.

To dry:

Hang to dry or put in the dryer for 5-10 minutes in COOL temperature (HOT AIR could damage the saddle pad).

TROUBLESHOOTING – if the pads do not come out clean, you may have:

  • Overloaded the machine – try putting less pads in the washing machine.
  • Used the wrong detergent or bleach – try a good quality chlorine-free detergent and bleach.
  • Washed the pads after too many uses – try washing them more often.

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