After a two-month shut down, we were finally able to reopen the Ecogold factory on May 11 and resume operations. I spent the first week on the factory floor, implementing new sanitary protocols and packing orders to get them out as quickly as possible. Our inventory was bare as we’ve been surviving on that alone for eight weeks, so it’s going to take us a couple of weeks to catch up.

I’ve been doing this individually, but I want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who placed orders and supported Ecogold during the shutdown. You’ve made a real difference not only in our business, but in our lives. It was a scary eight weeks but thanks to you, we were able to rehire our entire team. We were able to pay all our suppliers, most of whom are also small businesses. That’s a bunch of families right there. You don’t always see the impact your purchases are making, especially online, but it’s a significant one and it spreads along the supply chain.

We don’t take anything for granted in normal times, but we’re grateful and happy to be back.


ecogoldemailheader - We're Back on Our Feet, Thank You

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