“My father, the founder of Ecogold, was an engineer and safety was very important to him,” says Patricia Da Silva, Ecogold President. “He would have wanted us to support this initiative and the eventing community.”

Eventing is arguably the most dangerous of the jumping disciplines, so it’s important that we mitigate the risks any way we can. Advances in technology – like safety vests, better helmets, and saddle pads that reduce movement – help, but it isn’t enough. Ecogold has always believed that safety and technology go hand-in-hand, and we want to see every rider finish their course safely.

From now until March 15, 15% of sales of all Ecogold XC Saddle Pads (Secure™, Calmatech™, or CoolFit™) placed on the Ecogold website, and 10% of wholesale sales, will be donated to the ‘Frangible Fences for Eventing in US’ riders GoFundMe initiative.

The Group consists of Ecogold riders Doug Payne and Kyle Carter, as well as Emily Holmes and Andy Bowles as co-chairs, Robert Kellerhouse, Jon Holling, and Leslie Law.

This group of event riders and organizers has been set up to provide a second platform, in addition to USEA, to gain funding for Frangible Technology and replace current cross-country fences with safer technology. Their goal is to raise $500,000.

Initially, they will be looking at table replacements with the Mims Table Kit. After which, they hope to help fund all frangible devices including Oxer, Post and Rail, and gate kits for new fences.

All funds received from this campaign will be given directly to organizers who run events in the United States at the Preliminary level and above.

“Horse and rider safety is the most important piece of the competition puzzle,” says Patricia Da Silva. “If as a community, we can support this initiative and make XC courses safer, then we should. Everyone wants to learn and compete safely.”

For more information, visit ecogold.ca or email [email protected] 

You can also donate directly to the ‘Frangible Fences for Eventing in US’ riders GoFundMe initiative.

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