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Don’t be held prisoner by black and white. Ecogold’s new olive and slate saddle pads are this summer’s freshest neutrals with the best in non-slip saddle pad technology. Both olive and slate (a cool blue-grey) are versatile and they match every horse coat colour and pattern, making them a must for equestrians who ride multiple horses.

The new colours are available in the CoolFit™,  Secure™, and Calmatech™ saddle pads in all styles (dressage, jumper and cross-country). If you’re not familiar with each technology, here’s the simple version. The CoolFit saddle pad allows your horse to stay cool and dry underneath the saddle in hot weather. The Calmatech saddle pad reduces friction and keeps even the most sensitive horse comfortable. The Secure saddle pad will keep your saddle where you put it and not on your horse’s shoulders or kidneys thanks to superior non-slip technology.

All Ecogold saddle pads feature a flexible shock absorption system with modern textile technology to manage moisture and heat dissipation. The seat area features a 100% breathable high-density shock absorbing foam that protects your horse’s back from impact without adding extra bulk (won’t change saddle fit). The ergonomic shape with ultra-thin flaps (no padding on flaps) provides the rider with a closer, more stable riding position. The top of the pad is equipped with a no-slip material to keep your saddle from slipping – even in wet conditions.

Order an Ecogold slate or olive pad: Secure saddle pad here, Calmatech saddle pad here and CoolFit saddle pad here.

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