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Stay Cool Under Pressure

The CoolFit™ Saddle Pad uses smart textiles that cool down and dissipate moisture.

Available in Dressage, Hunter, Jumper and Cross-Country

The Coolfit pad senses moisture (simulated with warm water), and reacts by reducing the temperature by 5° Celcius  (9° Farenheight)

ECOGOLD has integrated smart textiles in its CoolFit™ Saddle Pad to create an intelligent saddle pad. Smart textiles are materials that can sense and react to environmental conditions or or stimuli from mechanical, thermal, chemical, electric or magnetic sources. Thanks to the innovative smart textiles, the CoolFit™ saddle pad senses the sweat of the horse and reacts by reducing its temperature, providing a healthier and more comfortable ride.

ECOGOLD worked with fabric manufacturers to develop the smart textiles, according to their specifications, for the production of the CoolFit™ Saddle Pad in dressage, jumping, cross-country, and hunter styles.

Smart & Cool

The CoolFit™ saddle pad helps keep your horse at optimum temperature, even in the warmest weather.

Coolfit™ Dressage

Coolfit™ Jumper

Coolfit™ XC

Coolfit™ Hunter

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