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Sweeten Up Your Ride 640 Bored of your everyday navy, white, or black schooling gear? Brown is the new black – We have been seeing it everywhere from head to toe, literally, brown helmets to brown tall boots and everything in between!

Indulge with the new Chocolate Flip Half Pad from ECOGOLD available both in dressage and jumper styles. The innovative reversible pad is not only stylish but also offers the highest level of protection, breathability and safety. ECOGOLD prides itself on having the most technically-advanced half pad on the market, and the Chocolate flip is no exception.

Going to show? Just flip it to the other side for a conservative white or black half pad.

Save the yourself on the dental bills, and indulge in the ECOGOLD Chocolate flip half pad.

ECOGOLD Chocolate Flip Half Pad - Reversible Half Pad

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