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CoolFit™ Jumper Saddle Pad #2022


The Intelligent Pad that keeps your horse cooler! ECOGOLD has integrated smart textiles in its CoolFit™ Saddle Pad to create an intelligent saddle pad. The CoolFit™ pad senses the sweat of the horse and reacts by reducing its temperature and quickly evaporating moisture.

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The Intelligent Pad that keeps your horse cooler.

ECOGOLD’s CoolFit™ Saddle Pad combines a flexible shock absorption system with smart textiles, the most advanced moisture management and heat dissipation technology.

Made with smart textiles, a CoolFit™ underside layer and unique air-flow vent system, ECOGOLD’s CoolFit™ Saddle Pad is engineered to quickly dissipate heat and moisture away from the horse’s body, providing a more comfortable ride.

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Adapts to provide best saddle fit and impact protection.

Ecogold CoolFit InsertsComes with 2 removable inserts: 1/2″ open cell high impact foam and 1/2″ Airflow spacer that can be combined or used by themselves for the ideal impact protection and saddle fit without the need for additional layers. Front and back shims can also be used inside this pad.

No slipping, no sliding, no friction! Combining ECOGOLD’s innovative Frictionless™ and Secure™ systems to prevent friction while keeping the saddle safely secure.

Ergonomic design. No foam on the flaps for the closest contact and a more stable riding position.

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#2022 Standard (21" seat x 19" flap), #2023 XL (23" seat x 21" flap)


  1. kiera.androski

    LOVE. THIS. PAD. My gelding only rides in Ecogold after discovering these incredible pads! The CoolFit pad in particular keeps my boy happy, and you can really feel the amazing technology working it’s magic to keep your horse cool! The CoolFit Saddle Pad is the best cooling pad on the market!!

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