WitherCare™ Hunter Pad #560 – with Front Risers


Fit your saddle to any horse! This unique saddle pad has an innovative system, developed by ECOGOLD, for a perfect fit on every horse. Use the front attachments to fill in the shoulder cavity, lift the saddle off the withers, or combine with the back risers. All pieces attach with VELCRO so it’s quick and easy!



The 100% breathable high-density open-cell foam absorbs shock and moves impact laterally to protect the horse’s back.

The hypo-allergenic, non-slip materials keep the saddle securely in place: no need to re-adjust the pad before going in the ring!

Our unique and innovative Frictionless™ system prevents rubbing on the withers.

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#560 Pony (for 15-15.5" saddles) + #765 with Front Risers, #561 Medium (for 16-16.5" saddles) + #765 with Front Risers, #562 Large (for 17-17.5" saddles) + #765 with Front Risers, #563 XL (for 18-18.5" saddles) + #765 with Front Risers

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