Ecogold is going western. We are now offering our best-selling Secure™ and Calmatech™ saddle pads in a western style pad.

“These pads are very useful because you get the saddle fit right,” says Austin Seelhof, owner of Seelhof Performance Horses in Alberta, Canada. Austin is a professional reiner and helped develop the design of the saddle pads.

Both high performance saddle pads were developed with the help of top reining trainers in the United States and Canada, to offer a pad that would give maximum comfort to horses, including those with sensitive backs.

Two vents on the spine and a layer of 3D air air-flow spacer improves the evaporation of sweat on the horse.

ecogold western secure openside 1024x683 - Ecogold Releases New Western Saddle Pads
Secure ™ Western High Performance Secure Pad

The contact side of the Calmatech™ saddle pad is medical-grade fleece (in black), the same grade of fleece used in hospitals to prevent bed sores in patients. This offers maximum protection against rubbing and impact.

The Secure™ pad combines non-slip material and elastic polyurethane fibre fabric to give maximum comfort to the horse on the area of the wither allowing a greater freedom on movement.

Both saddle pad designs allow for easy removal of inserts, making it possible to wash this pad in a regular domestic washing machine with warm water and delicate cycle. They also allow for shims to obtain a perfect saddle fit on your horse.

Shop both styles here.

ecogold calmatech highperformancesaddlepad - Ecogold Releases New Western Saddle Pads
Calmatech ™ Western High Performance Secure Pad
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