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The leaves are changing and so is your horse’s coat. Unfortunately with chillier temperatures and less daylight comes winter coats. Most horses get darker as they grow in, but clipping off the shag can make your horse’s coat significantly lighter. No matter what color your horse turns in the fall, we have a saddle pad to compliment him. Here are our top picks for saddle pad colors this fall.

Burgundy and Red

Burgundy and red are like twins with opposite tastes. A traditional fall color, we often see burgundy paired with gray, bay, and even chestnut horses. Like a fine wine, the color is rich yet subtle and looks especially polished with walnut colored tack. Red, on the other hand, gives a bright pop of color to your horse’s wardrobe. Fun, sassy, and eye catching – you are definitely going to be getting noticed if you’re cruising around the cross country course in our red XC pad.

Burgundy pad - Best Saddle Pad Colors for Fall 2018

Navy and Black

The darkest of the neutrals, navy and black are good choices for fall because they don’t clash with anything else. Want the tiny accents on your saddle or fly bonnet to stand out? A black or navy saddle pad won’t detract from the little details.

Brown and Olive
Our chocolate brown and olive saddle pads offer a contemporary take on neutrals. They match both black and brown tack and just about any coat color. Did we mention how nice these colors look with rust, canary, or even tan breeches?

Royal Blue
It’s like red except cooler (literally). Bright but not too bright, our royal blue saddle pads add some color to your horse’s wardrobe. This color pad looks great as a focal point on your horse and pairs nicely with white polos or boots.

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