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Get 15% off any Flip Half Pad from August 27 to Sept 1 using code: FlipBirthday

Five years ago we set out to make the perfect half pad. It had to have superior shock absorbing capabilities, fit a variety of body types, be easy to wash, non-slip, and of course fashionable. We were able to cram our laundry list of must-haves into one product and even make it reversible.That product is the Flip™ Half Pad and it’s pretty flipping awesome.

Investing in a half pad isn’t a decision most riders make without deliberation. Regardless of whether you need the jumper or dressage version, the Flip Half Pad checks every box on your list of criteria.

All Flip Half Pads have:

High resistance foam core that reduces pressure points and is a dynamic shock absorber

Non-slip surface on both sides to keep your saddle secure

Hypoallergenic, 100% breathable materials

Cooling air vent

Anatomical design with wither relief

Pocket for adaptability and care

Reversible with black/white on one side and your choice of colors on the other

Machine washable

And although they didn’t arrive via stork, we’re celebrating the Flip Half Pad’s 5th Birthday with a sale. From Monday August 27 to September 1st, use code FlipBirthday on ecogold.ca and get 15% off any style of Flip Half Pad. Available in jumper or dressage styles.

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