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Mr. T, Beau, Sutherland, Sandy, Sampson, Axel, Sugar, Blossom, Poomba, Hercules, Apollo, Phoenix, Marty, Misty, Tess and Gifford. Those are the names of the 16 horses that perished in the barn fire at Sunnybrook Stables in Toronto, ON. The facility, which has been part of the local horse community since 1978, lost their main barn when it burned to the ground on May 21. The second barn was also burned, however 13 horses in that barn survived.

“I had my first riding lesson at Sunnybrook. I taught there for many years and met the most amazing friends there,” said Ecogold rider Ashley Holzer. “The school horses were made of gold. They were some of the kindest horses I have ever known. My heart goes out to those horses and everyone impacted. Just awful.”

For over thirty years the facility has specialized in lessons, camp, and introduction to competition. The horses “were wonderful teachers and friends, the best of the best”, like many of the lesson horses each of us started our riding journey on. The Sunnybrook barn family is devastated at the loss of their beloved horses, but also at the loss of their historic farm.

This weekend, we are donating 25% of each sale received to help Sunnybrook Stables. This offer, which will run Friday June 8th through Sunday June 10, applies to all items on the website. Orders may be called in (1-866-432-6465 or 514-342-5893), emailed or placed online.

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