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Horse show season is finally here! It’s very rare that horses who have had the winter off or who only showed indoors arrive at their first outdoor outing of the season cool as a cucumber…. Instead, it’s much more likely that there will be spooking, playing, or a good ol’ case of the “but I thought I was retired” pox. Sometimes horses just get a case of first-show-itis, for others the switch from indoors to outdoors is indicative of a larger issue: Sensitive Sally Syndrome.

Sooner or later, every horse person meets a horse that is overly sensitive to everything…

A horse that gets a tiny bug bite that results in a lump the size of a baseball.
A horse who deems orange traffic cones perfectly harmless but swears the letters around the dressage arena are going to eat him.
A horse who can only wear purple polos because she “just doesn’t like” any other color.
A horse that needs a head bumper in the trailer, a six piece fly ensemble for turnout, and bubble wrap in his stall.
We’re dubbing horses that fit this description Sensitive Sallys… and we want to see yours!

To enter:

1. Post a picture of your Sensitive Sally doing something ridiculously sensitive on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

2. Tag Ecogold in the caption of the post  (@EcogoldEquestrian on Facebook, @ecogold on Instagram and Twitter).

3. Use the hashtags #MySensitiveSally #Ecogold. 

4. Your post MUST be set to public in order for us to see that you posted.

5. Enter by June 30th 5 p.m. Eastern.

Grand Prize – A Calmatech Pad of the winner’s choosing
1 Runner Up will receive a pair of Ecogold Exercise Horse Boots

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